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More Mistakes to Avoid When Renting Office Space

Is your company shopping for office space? If so, then it’s important to avoid certain mistakes such as not reading the contact or getting too much/little space. There are other mistakes to avoid including the following ones:

1. Not learning about extra costs
Besides the actual rent, it’s important to find out what extra costs are tacked on to the rent. That can include start up supportadd-on such utilities, taxes, etc. These extra expenses can add up quickly, so it’s important to make sure you know exactly what extra expenses your company will have to cover each item when it pays its rent.

This is important because it will help to avoid any major surprises. The total for the add-on can vary considerably, so it’s just important to know what to expect.

2. Not considering the location
When choosing an office suit rental in Melbourne, Australia, you should consider offices in the central business district. The reason is that it will provide many benefits regarding transportation, banking, shopping, etc.

That said, you should still consider the specific establishments that are near your office. That includes ones such as restaurants, cafes, gyms, etc. This will provide your workers with everything they need if they want to buy some lunch or do a light workout.

Make sure also to find out which places your workers would like to be close to. That could help to guide you in selecting your company’s next office space. Getting input will also give your employees a chance to provide input in a big decision the company is making.

3, Not researching the company
This is a critical step to make to avoid companies such as ones with a bad track record, customer service, etc. Look for any local stories about the companies, or negative online reviews that have been posted.

If you find a lot of negative feedback about a particular company, then you should probably consider avoiding it. There’s a good chance that you could have a negative experience if other companies have been in that situation. On the other hand, companies with good reviews are a better bet.

These are just some of the mistakes you should try to avoid when searching for a Montreal office suite rental company. The key is to not only know what to do but also what not to do. It will help you find the best office space.

Top Benefits of An IPO

An initial public offering (IPO) would be the first public sale of the company‘s stock of. Some companies are having doubts about it. People don’t realize the impact of it yet. It can be a turning point for various companies.  Here are the top benefits of an IPO.


Access to funds

The main goal of selling stocks of a company known in IPO is to have access to funds. Companies need funds to help them grow. Rather than selling the whole company or adding partners, they would rather sell it to the public. It will provide funds to the company to be able to set out on new ventures, increase productivity or build new factories. Young or old companies go through IPO because it is a great way to access funds much needed by the company. Click here to se more


Better recognition

When a company has its initial public offering (IPO) it has an increased positivepublic image. There is a significant increase of public image whenever a company becomes publicly listed. It will provide better recognition among different entities. It will gain better recognition from customers because of the change of image making them more humble to be publicly listed. Suppliers would be proud to be in business with them. Banks won’t hesitate to lend to listed companies due to a better recognition.


Shared management

Once a company gets publicly listed the management will change. All decisions will not depend on of the CEO. The entrepreneur now needs to consider the shareholders of the company. Everything will be transparent for all the shareholders to be aware of anything. A board of directors will be created. The general shareholders will be accounted by the board of directors. Everything will be done in accordance with the best interest of the shareholders of the company.


Shared profits

Unlike sole proprietorship where the entrepreneur gets all the profit, the publicly listed company shares profits. The profits are now shared among shareholders. The profits are divided between the bonus shares and theissue of dividends. The profits are divided properly since the company is already under the scrutiny of the public. This will ensure that even the regular worker who invested in the company will receive the shared profit. Even how small the share is, everyone is still entitled to get his fair share of the profit.


Gain investors

Getting publicly listed also allows the company the opportunity to gain more investors. It is difficult to have investors for private sole proprietorship companies. Even big investors are cautious on the companies they invest on. With IPO, investors from all over will start to trust the company.It will help the company to further gain investors as time goes.


The public offering (IPO) had helped companies to gain investors.The company will gain access to funds for improving their business. They have shared profits which are beneficial to even small shareholders. The shared management can be a big relief from a sole owner. The company also has a better recognition.

4 great tips on doing a quick market research without spending any money


Market research is meant to help businesses understand the reasons customers will have an interest in your product. This helps study their behavior, including culture, personal and societal factors that may influence their actions.

While doing an adequate market research requires a lot of time and effort, you can still find the right answers without spending your budget. Here are four great tips on doing a quick market research without spending any money.

Tip #1: Interview Customers and Potential Prospects

The most cost-efficient way to market research is to take advantage of the value of conversation. Invite customers to lunch or event and ask them what they think about your brand. In a friendly environment, they are most usually going to be willing and forthcoming. Asking the right questions will give insight on what’s working for them and what isn’t. Simple conversations will provide better knowledge that will help make a better company.

Tip #2: Start a Content Strategy Survey

Will customers take the time to answer your questions? Choose the ideal clients to help you get the answers you need.

  • Who are your customers? Consider their age, income, occupation, lifestyle, etc.
  • What are their interests? Describe their habits related to your product or service. Include their favored suppliers, popular features and how often they buy.
  • Why would they buy your product? A tricky question, but important none the less. Consider factors that would interest them to your product.
  • What will make them buy from you? Consider market information for sales figures and consumer motivations. Use informational sources that will provide answers.

Tip #3: Run User Testing

Gain information about your site performance from basic analytics of which pages are grabbing the most traffic. From there, you will gain feedback on the elements of your site.

Tip #4: Collect Data

Remember that no business will succeed without the proper knowledge and understanding of their customers, services and products in the general market. Competition can be fierce, and without adequate research, your competitors will have the upper advantage.

What other market research techniques have you tried without spending money? Do you have any other recommendations for useful tools or websites that can help conduct quick results without spending a fortune?

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