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Take The Wheel And Learn How To Drive

Driving these days is one of the most common skills that people should have. It seems to be a necessity because a lot of people have cars. In fact, according to research, one household owns as much as three cars. So it is important to know and learn how to drive. However, driving is a skill that cannot be learned within a blink of the eye. It is a skill that requires constant practice. If you cannot adjust to drive then you are at risk and the people around you are at risk.

The best way to learn how to drive is to choose the best driving school in your area. For example, one can choose Eastern Driving School. They have licensed driving instructors who can teach you the basics of driving and also they will help you so that you can attain your driving license. Before choosing a driving school, it is necessary to check their length of experience in the business. Aside from that, you should also check the licenses of their driving instructors.

So if you have found yourself a driving school, first it is extremely important to know the different traffic rules of the place where you are from. It is good to know that all places have different rules to follow. You should know the basic traffic precautions so it is important to read any hand out that your driving instructor will give you. Orient yourselves with the rules that do not involve the driver but also the pedestrians around. Then you need to get a permit to drive especially if you are a minor, you will need the consent of your parents. If you have enrolled yourself in a driving school then it would be easier to secure this permit since these driving schools have connections. Once you have acquired the permit, you can start practicing driving. For teenagers, it is best to drive with an adult. Nobody drove right away. It is important to be oriented with the parts of your car and their functions. Since you are not a master driver, you need to practice in a place where things are isolated and you can not cause problems with the traffic flow. Adjust your mirrors since you will have to be looking at them most of the time. Check your car. The gas, the seats and make yourself comfortable before you drive. When you start to drive, you need to focus on the wheel and on the road. Avoid distractions like your cell phone ringing or the music from the radio. It is also important to know your car since there are different ways of driving an automatic or a manual car. Practice going forward or going backward and most especially driving. Check the different parts of your car such as the wipers, the brakes and many more.

In summary, the foundation of being a good driver is to become a good student driver. You should know the different traffic rules. Practice slowly but surely and then in no time you will surely get there.

Top Three Skills That You Should Possess And Observe When Driving

Driving looks kind of like an easy task but it is not. It involves a lot of concentration and focus, same as hand, mind and eye coordination. There is nothing quite dangerous than being a driver. This task is risky in the sense that the factors of being safe while driving does not only evolve around you. You also have to consider the environment, the condition of the car as well as other drivers. Considering these factors, you can learn that there are a lot of good and bad things that can happen along the way. That is why it is important to be vigilant and alert at all times.

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The environment refers to the weather and to the animals. For instance, there are several dangerous events that might happen along the way during winter. This is because the roads are being covered by snow making it slippery; thus, extra caution should be taken seriously. Also, wild animals that have figured out their way into the road might cause serious accidents. This is because our normal reaction when we see an animal on the road is that we immediately stir up the wheel to avoid bumping the animal. Some luckily avoids the safely but others fail to do so, leading them to accidents. When we talk about the condition of the car, it refers to your car’s health. Accidents caused by malfunctioning brakes are the common cause of car accidents that is why it would be best to regularly check on the engine as well as its parts to have a safe and smooth driving experience.
Also, one of the factors that will lead us to accidents are those drivers that are reckless and are not focusing on the road. That is why, as a professional driver, you should possess the top three safe driving skills to promote a safe driving experience which are as follows:

  • Focus on the road and hands on the wheel – A ten o’clock and two o’clock hand position are the recommended way of handling the wheel. The eyes should be on the road with good concentration. However, there are still some hard headed individuals who are not following instructions. They are still doing the wrong ones which are texting while driving, eating, searching for something on the car while driving etc which are not advisable.
  • Stay wide awake and alert – There is nothing that could combat accidents than by being alert and awake. At times we do not have a good night sleep neither have a long rest nor we tend to get bored while driving and makes us sleepy. This practice can surely lead you to accidents.
  • Be adaptive to whatever the weather condition may be – As mentioned, weather plays a big part in our safety. Though at times we are not prepared for the weather, still we should stay alert, calm and adapt.

Driving is not a joke. It is not about just riding on a vehicle and goes to places you like. It involves a lot of risk that might put not only your life in danger but also the lives of those that surround you. The importance of possessing the top three skills in driving is for you to be alert and conscious of the environment. There is nothing safer than by being vigilant and watchful in order to avoid accidents. Your life and theirs will be at stake if one is not careful in driving. Also, you have to be familiar with the traffic signs to avoid miscommunication which can lead to accidents as well.

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