Louise Fox Protocol Solutions helps companies develop well-researched strategies that anticipate the change in client behavior and recognize intense activity from the competitor.

Louise Fox Protocol Solutions’s portfolio helps draw on our core capabilities of analysis, research, benchmarking, and strategy development to help our clients determine the best next step for their business with confidence, precision, and results.

Our customers rely on us to provide practical, effective solutions for their opportunities and challenges while seeking support during their entire transition abroad. We ensure that we provide commitment and capability to change effectively.



Louise Fox Protocol Solutions addresses the challenging issues regarding blueprint developments and shareholder value. We demonstrate quality insight and expertise to help our clients achieve their business goals, whether that includes developing a corporate strategy or identifying how to make the best contribution towards the entire industry.

Our deep understanding of market trends, along with analytical knowledge enables us to develop highly actionable strategies for long-term value.

Mergers & Acquisitions


Louise Fox Protocol Solutions provides expertise throughout the entire support transaction – from initial target screening to post-acquisition support. We understand the synergies of guidance as we help clients identify the value of on opportunity. We combine our financial analysis with knowledge of the shifting market which can play a substantial role in potential deals.

Marketing & Sales


Louise Fox Protocol Solutions has in-depth knowledge and expertise in developing market insights to find new opportunities for our clients. We strive to help companies plan success strategies that are right on target and resonate with their target market.

Our marketing capabilities include customer relations, strategy, sales optimization, pricing, segmentation, and product development.

Strategy Activation


Louise Fox Protocol Solutions understands that a successful strategy requires a strong commitment to chance and a set of choices. We aim to help our clients make these decisions through the policy cascade of the organization, portfolio priorities, and action.